Sorriso & GDPR – Privacy By Design & By Default

Sorriso GDPR

Sorriso Smart Suite products have always had data protection as part of their DNA and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) confirms our long standing belief that the best way to safeguard someone’s personal data is to design solutions that way from the start. We have always incorporated industry best practice in our products including data encryption (at rest and in transit), audit trails, data retention and purge rules and self-service subject access requests.

  • Privacy as a default setting – it is built in.
  • Proactive approach to privacy – privacy at the forefront.
  • Full functionality – privacy without impairment.
  • End to end security – securely obtained, securely retained & securely destroyed.

It is important to note that GDPR compliance is not solely down to the products you use in your organisation (although they can help) – it is a culture.  Privacy By Design is a key feature of GDPR with the onus on all to put privacy at the heart of everything you do. Proper policies and procedures are needed across the whole organisation to ensure GDPR compliance. Privacy By Design has been part of the Sorriso culture for many years and it remains at the forefront of our minds while designing and developing our Smart Suite products.


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Summer Webinar Series

We are delighted to announce a series of Webinars based on improving your Online Customer Engagement and Self Service – our Summer Series.

We’ll be sharing the latest innovations, updates, and best practices regarding customer experience management, customer portals, and online billing. Join one or join them all depending on your online engagement priorities. These webinars are free. We hope you’ll join us!


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The Persona Scripting Language

The Persona Scripting Language

Where high level business objectives and your coding backbone meet.

Have you ever found that your project managers and business-minded team members struggle to get on the same page with your IT department and developers? Have you ever felt that these teams were using the same words but the definitions of those words didn’t line up?

With the complex task of building a modern, intuitive, easy to use customer portal, a wealth of challenges already exist. Adding on the challenge of miscommunication leaves room for inefficiencies such as exceeding budget, wasting time, and building frustration. That’s where Sorriso’s Persona Scripting Language comes in.

Make the most of your use cases

In order to develop software or build a customer billing portal, your project managers and IT department must already work together to develop use cases and outline a vision for the future. Use case language is the inspiration for Sorriso’s new Persona Scripting Language. This means you can ensure your teams stay on the same page as you create, adapt, and grow your customer billing portal.

What is the new Persona Scripting Language?

Sorriso’s Persona Scripting Language makes Sorriso Self Care applications flexible and easy to change. Inspired by the UML descriptions made popular by Alistair Cockburn, the Persona Scripting Language is fast and easy to use. Translate your use case into the Persona Scripting Language with ease because they’ve been designed to align. Whether you’re a business minded or technically savvy professional, you can write in the Persona Scripting Language to modify and design your customer billing portal.

How do you use it?

The Sorriso Self Care platform implements a Model/View/Controller (MVC) architecture that utilizes the Persona Scripting Language in two ways:

1. To control the front end user experience (UX)

Design an individual page module, a full page, or a multi-web page interaction and flow.

UX use cases describe:

  • screen composition
  • field and form validation
  • data transformations
  • user identity, and
  • back end connectivity

2. To create back end business objects

Take control of your information architecture. With the Persona Scripting Language you can create back end business objects that access customer and account information. This means you can transform raw system data into secure, application specific transactions and responses for your customers to self serve.

Why you’ll love the new Persona Scripting Language

Generate, edit, and validate code that your project managers can read. Empower the members of your team to push forward with progress and effectively communicate around your data-backed customer experience projects.

The Persona Scripting Language is embedded in Eclipse as a plug-in, you can create and test customer portal modules right inside Eclipse.

Want to learn more about developing your customer portals with use case methodologies?

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Self Care vs. Self Service – What’s the Difference?

Why Do We Like to Say “Self Care”?

Because when we think of “self service”, we think of this:


An Automat.

Automats were the first vending machines. Born in the 1900s, automats originally served simple hot meals to customers. They eliminated the need for a cashier and offered a non-intrusive browsing experience. The reason why we, here at Sorriso, wanted to steer away from the automat experience is because it connotes “no service”.
While we know today’s customers prefer to enjoy a non-intrusive browsing experience much like the automat provided, we also know that modern technology makes it possible for the casual browsing experience to also be an engaging and intuitive one. We want our clients’ customers to know how much their companies care about them.
Customers today know a company cares about them when they feel they’ve been provided a personalized and thoughtful experience. And that’s what we help companies do: provide their customers with a personalized and thoughtful digital experience.


Want to Learn More About Self Service Software?


to explore the world of self service software

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e-Bill Customer Portals Increase Engagement with Personalized Video

Acton, Massachusetts: Sorriso Technologies, provider of bill centered digital customer care solutions, announces Persona Video™, a software package that delivers personalized, interactive customer service videos. Persona Video identifies customers with billing and service exceptions, and provides them with a personalized video explaining the exception and offering advice. Persona Video engages customers in an immediate and preemptive response to potential issues, turning what could be a frustrating phone call into a rich media experience.

Founder and CEO, John A. Kowalonek commented, “We’re very excited about Persona Video. It’s a simple solution that’s better than having a customer service rep walk you through your account. It anticipates a customer’s question and speaks to their concerns before they even notice there’s an issue. And what’s best, Persona Video can be added to a biller’s existing portal with minimal effort.”

Sorriso premiered a live demonstration of Persona Video at Mobile World Congress just a few weeks ago. Eric Ryan, VP of Product Innovation, reflected on the demo’s success at the show, “Our Persona Video demonstration is what really drew people to our stand this year. Billers walk a fine line between automating customer service to reduce OPEX and delighting customers with an engaging experience. The attendees we spoke with saw how Persona Video meets both targets.”

Persona Video will be available as a cloud or on premise offering. It can be purchased as a stand-alone solution, as part of a Persona customer portal, or as an add-on to a company’s existing customer portal. It will be available as a general release in summer 2015.

About Sorriso Technologies: In 2014, Inc. Magazine ranked Sorriso Technologies as one of the fastest growing privately held software companies in the United States. Sorriso is the leading provider of software for digital bill presentation, bill payment, self-service, and bill-centered marketing. Sorriso’s Persona Solution Suite™ targets both small and large billers with cloud based and customer premise based delivery options.

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