How you present bills online matters to your customers and wallet

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Your customer’s experience is key, and how they view your bills makes a difference in how they understand your bills, their ability to request clarification or dispute charges, their proclivity toward early payment, and as a result, your cost to serve them.

Several factors determine the best possible presentation model;

  • Complexity — are your bills simple and always the same, or have variable line items and layers of charges?
  • Clarity — do your bills sometimes need clarification, like a first bill, change in service, or last bill?
  • Bill Type — is your billing based on periodic statements that sum up products or services delivered or invoices, where each delivery is paid separately?
  • Opportunity — do your bills present an opportunity for additional sales with individually targeted offers that vary over time?
  • Media — do your bills need to display properly on a variety of devices?

These factors determine whether a simple summary backed by a PDF of the bill or a more sophisticated and dynamic presentation with sorting, filtering, charts, and drill-ins makes sense.

In short, the more sophisticated and variable your billing, and the more you want to use the bill as a way to communicate timely, personalized offers, the more you’ll benefit from a dynamic presentation. A well-considered dynamic bill presentation can reduce calls and disputes AND create new sales, saving you time and money while improving cash flow.

But remember, always keep it simple. Give customers a quick summary and a quick way to pay. If it looks good at the top level, they won’t bother to drill in and you’re more likely to get paid early.

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