Sorriso Announces Sponsorship of CEM in Telecoms European Summit

Sorriso Announces Sponsorship of CEM in Telecoms European Summit

CEM in Telecoms Summit

Prague 27th-29th June 2016

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the CEM in Telecoms European Summit in June! This event gathers together over 150 telecommunications and customer experience masters providing a unique opportunity to collaborate and problem solve on some of today’s top telco challenges.


Whether you’re just beginning to map out your digital transformation, looking for a neat customer experience innovation, or cultivating integration efforts across your IT, marketing, and customer experience teams – we hope you’ll join us in Prague June 27th-30th to learn and explore!

If you’re interested in receiving a free pass to the summit or would just like to schedule some time to speak 1-1 on road mapping your digital transformation, drop us a line and let us know! We still have a handful of free passes we’d be happy to share with you – and we’d love to learn more about your digital transformation challenges.

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What Really Matters in Your Customer Experience? – Top Articles in April

What Really Matters in Your Customer Experience? – Top Articles in April

Throughout the month of April, a major customer experience concern seemed to be with the more tangible aspects of the customer experience – data, analytics, loyalty programs, proactive tactics, and facets of the digital experience. Read on for our top 5 thought provoking articles found in April, we hope you find them useful too!

1. Great CX Starts With Analytics, MarTech #eMetrics

Antoinette Su covers her top takeaways from the April eMetrics Summit, a summit that helps marketers and IT professionals use data to make better customer and digital experiences. Su picked up on a theme of how analytics is crucial to the customer experience, drawing upon speaker stories and really highlighting their key experiences that reflect the value of big data and analytics in data-driven decision making, in sharing knowledge throughout organizations and encouraging integration, in driving valuable innovation through experimentation, and in achieving automation and scalability. A refreshing reflection on the real value behind analytics!

2. Baby, Come Back! One Quick Fix for Cable and Satellite Providers

Ken Wheaton speaks honestly about the way he, and all real customers, view their relationships with cable and satellite providers on AdAge. Really, he reflects on things we’re well aware of but his take and delivery somehow causes you to pause and go “wow, it really is that bad!”. Wheaton cuts to the chase by bluntly reviewing very common CSP messaging and interactions with customers and comparing them against how one would view a relationship. By doing so, he immediately makes it clear that cable and internet service providers could really easily revolutionize their CX by approaching their customers with a loyalty program. Rather than taking customer loyalty completely for granted, CSPs have an opportunity to improve their customer relationships.

3. How to improve your service by making it proactive

Adrian Swinscoe recently published a book covering 68 strategies for creating amazing customer experiences. In this post on MyCustomer, he explores proactive customer service. A full exploration, Swinscoe covers why companies need to seriously consider proactive customer service (especially considering the cost savings!), the stages of the customer journey where proactive service can be applied, and he even mentions how to begin applying proactive customer service strategies. We particularly enjoyed the mention of personalized, interactive video – a customer experience offering that can proactively serve existing customers very well according to Swinscoe!

4. Customer Experience is All About Speed

While such a simple concept, Gerry McGovern reflects on a number of big brand examples where site speed has a major impact on bottom lines, customer experience, and other valued business areas. Referencing results from Google, Amazon, and other digital experience leaders, McGovern makes it clear that speed matters to customers in the digital age.

5. Why Firms are Getting Serious About Customer Experience

Perhaps the most interesting point to be made about this article is not explicitly stated in the text – IKEA is recognizing a shift in buyer behavior and altering its customer experience to get a jump on where they anticipate customer expectations and desires are headed. Known as the affordable furniture retailer, IKEA recognizes that household consumption patterns are drastically changing, they’re anticipating customers who will recycle or repair their existing homewares, or be increasingly thoughtful about their home purchases. Rather than waiting to realize this from a drop in sales or from customer comments, IKEA’s doing their research (making use of the data and analytics!) and strategically making use of their findings.

Looking to make improvements to your customer experience offerings? Ask us about upcoming webinars to learn more about how we can help you (and have helped some of the world’s leading companies) ensure successful customer experience transformations!

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How to Tackle Digital Transformation – Top Articles in March

How to Tackle Digital Transformation – Top Articles in March

Last month, we found a number of excellent articles and blog posts covering how some of the world’s largest companies are tackling digital transformation. After reading about a number of exemplary digitally transforming companies, one thing is clear – strategy and a committed team are key to digital transformation success! In the past year, “digital transformation” has become a clear necessity for companies even though the phrase itself can mean different things to different organizations and teams.  We thought these articles were helpful and thought provoking for anyone in the midst of a digital transformation impacting the customer experience and IT and we hope you find them helpful too.

1. McDonalds goes for a complete overhaul to stay digitally relevant.

McDonalds’ CMO, Deborah Wahl, reflects on the company’s ongoing digital transformation at the Adobe Summit 2016. From the early adoption of mobile payments to partnering with Ford to evolve the drive through experience, McDonalds’ stays focused on solving real customer needs while advancing digitally. We really enjoyed this article on Marketing Interactive because it covered past, present, and future realities of the digital customer experience while reminding us not to get distracted in the buzz of digital transformation, but to remember the original intent behind these initiatives – to make your customers happy!

2. How GE handles digital transformation – anticipating the necessities of the future

While not all of us may have crystal balls lying around to predict the future, GE has strategized and executed on its transformations by “looking out 15 years or more and asking simple questions to gauge what their core business must look like to remain competitive.” After witnessing the rapid transformation of media at NBC, GE learned to look beyond the immediate future and agree on what the long term future would look like, then working backwards to understand what the priorities and projects should be now. From industrial revolutions to digital transformations, GE is an excellent example to take inspiration from and Maxwell Wessel’s post to Medium is a thoughtful read.

3. Adapting the use of BI to elevate the security customer experience

A nice article by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff that takes a look at Protection 1, a residential and business security company, as an example of an organization that used digital transformation initiatives to improve their customer experience. By developing an in-house, business intelligence solution that called upon all of Protection 1’s databases, Protection 1 strengthened their customer service team by getting actionable data into their hands more quickly. We particularly enjoyed this example of success because we can relate to developing business intelligence solutions that provide a unified view of customer data. We’ve actually specialized in exactly this for a number of telcos and have, developed our own SmartView module that accomplishes exactly this. But enough about us, Schiff’s article also touches on how Protection 1 empowers customers with transparency and new self service portals while also optimizing the call center.

4. How Aviva is transforming the digital customer experience in insurance

Beyond shifting its marketing strategy from product-based—insurance for your car, your home, your life—to propositions tailored to life stages and life events, Aviva is tackling a global digital transformation to stay relevant with their customers and ready for the future. For the entire company, Aviva is building a common digital platform from the API layer up. Down the road, the different countries of Aviva offices can choose to add on innovations to this platform as they’ll best suit the customers in their region. In addition to these major technology efforts, Aviva is also focused on adapting the company culture to coincide with its digital transformation.

5. McKinsey says Telcos focused on these 5 areas of IT boast a profit margin of 43% vs 21% for those that don’t

And what are those 5 areas?

  1. Establishing robust customer analytics capabilities
  2. Digitizing the order management process
  3. Digitizing the customer relationship management process
  4. Streamlining the application landscape
  5. Standardizing and automating the IT infrastructure

McKinsey recently benchmarked 80 telecommunications companies and found a correlation between the companies that all focused on the 5 IT areas listed above and an increased profit margin as compared to companies that had not accomplished the 5 IT initiatives. A great read because it covers the why and how to execute on these core projects.

Are you working on a digital transformation?

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us on Twitter or drop us a line some time if you’d like to have a creative discussion on overcoming any of your digital transformation challenges.

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January 26th & 27th • Customer Experience Management in Telcos – Global Summit

We’re proud to sponsor IQPC’s Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit in London on January 26th & 27th, 2016! This summit brings together a number of customer experience leaders, providing a valuable opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas for the future.

Stop by to discuss Customer Experience Management strategies

Look for us in the Beatrice Suite of the Park Plaza Victoria! Eric and Glenn will be at our sponsor stand to discuss digital transformations, managing omnichannel customer interactions, personalized customer service in the digital sphere, innovative customer touch points with personalized explainer videos, and more!

Ask us about Simplifying the Digital Customer Experience

Eric & Glenn will also be leading an interactive Breakfast Briefing on the morning of January 27th to 15 Global Communications Service Providers. The Breakfast Briefing will focus on how to simplify the digital customer experience in telcos.

Eric & Glenn posted up at our sponsor stand at the CEM in Telcos Global Summit event

In their interactive session, Eric and Glenn will guide delegates through ready-to-implement strategies that leverage the customer bill in order to improve digital customer self-care and the user experience.  With more simplified tariffs and bundled services, the concept of the “bill” is changing.  Coupled with the drive to digitalization, the challenge is to differentiate in both customer service and customer experience. This interactive problem-based session will address this key customer touch-point through the digital channels.

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