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Most packaged food manufacturers and distributors like yourself find that wholesale customers expect to receive and pay their bills online. And they want to pay in a way that’s most convenient to them; credit cards, debit cards, single-use cards, or bank accounts. What’s most interesting is that customers appreciate an excellent online experience. Some call it consumerization; I call it common sense.

One of our clients, a major beverage manufacturer/distributor, moved from an old, home-built online bill and payment solution to Sorriso Smart Pay and received kudos like this from clients:

“Thank you for finally creating a system that makes it easy for me to see what I spend, what I need to pay and when its due, I love it.”

Customer adoption multiplied, and the solution paid for itself in months, allowing this packaged foods company to:

  • reassign several people in their call center,
  • eliminate the need for their drivers to collect payments,
  • accept credit card payments at no cost to them, and
  • dramatically reduce delinquencies.

The lesson? Clarity and simplicity win. Customers go online when billing information is at their fingertips, and the payment process is simple. And you both win.

Sorriso can put your accounts receivable online in just a few weeks, regardless of what financial system you use for billing your clients. We’ll deliver a Fortune 100 proven, modern, mobile-ready user experience that customers will thank you for. You can use your existing payment provider or ours.

Whether you supply specialty foods locally or manufacture and deliver internationally, there’s a Sorriso Smart Pay solution that meets your needs.

Join our mailing list, or schedule a 15-minute discovery call with one of our industry experts. Let’s see if Sorriso Smart Pay is right for your business!

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